In Need of a Sick Day

  Sometimes you need a sick day. Where you can call off meetings and responsibilities, stay in bed, watch some Netflix, and forget you’re an adult for a few hours of bliss. And people usually understand too, especially if you very rarely bail on a meeting or call in sick. Or when they hear how... Continue Reading →

Maybe I’m a Grammar Nazi (Or Maybe I Just Respect Women’s Intelligence)

I don’t really consider myself a Grammar Nazi. I can get pretty distraught over people’s horribly mutilated YouTube comments that clearly show they don’t have a grasp of the English language, but rarely do I freak out over the misuse of “your” and “you’re” or “its” and “it’s” in casual writing. (Although I definitely have... Continue Reading →

One Year of Novel Writing: Month 12, Chapter 12

 Twelve months, twelve chapters, and I DID IT! I wrote every month! I finished all twelve chapters! I came out of 2014 with twelve more chapters in my book than I had in 2013 or the years previous, and that is an incredibly great feeling to have. I’m really proud of myself for making a... Continue Reading →

The Bachelor and The Selection: Guilty Pleasures and Catfights Galore!

  I have two guilty pleasures I don’t much like admitting: ABC’s “The Bachelor” and Kiera Cass’s “The Selection.” Both are pop culture phenomena that I’ve come to enjoy late in the game. I resisted watching the Bachelor for YEARS because I felt like the premise was ridiculous. How could you be expected to find... Continue Reading →

An Honest Account of Goals Reached in 2014

  It's 2015 all ready! Wow! I could spend an entire blog post whining about how quickly time seems to pass and how I never get to complete all my goals because the year is gone before you know it, but I'll spare you the droning.  I could also count all my blessing from 2014... Continue Reading →

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