Mercy Street: Virginia is for (Film) Lovers

Have you heard about the contender for “Downton Abbey” status that premiered on PBS this past weekend? It’s called “Mercy Street,” and not only is it a well crafted and high production value TV series, but it was also filmed in my home state of Virginia! Even more special to my heart though, one of... Continue Reading →

The Weirdness of Women’s Clothing

Women’s clothes are weird. If you’re a woman, you probably already know this. If you’re man…well apparently you have an interest in women’s clothes and who am I to judge? Essentially I’m pretty fed up with women’s clothes. Sometimes I fantasize about burning my bra and running naked through the fields with my only covering... Continue Reading →

Hello 2016! What Do You Have in Store?

Another year is here! Are you excited? Are you scared? I’m a little bit of both! Since my blog has turned into a place of goal inspiration and encouragement, it makes sense that I would do a little recap of my 2015 goals and what I hope to accomplish in 2016. Something to keep me... Continue Reading →

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