When You Have No Internet at an Internet Conference | VidCon 2016

VidCon is one of my all-time favorite experiences. Its 7th conference in 2016 was my 5th time attending, and I can’t see myself changing my annual West Coast excursion anytime soon. And while I could recount all the crazy, amazing, and thought-provoking things I experienced on the blog for you, I thought I’d give you... Continue Reading →

Processing Tragedy: A Look at the Communities Affected by the Orlando Massacre and Christina Grimmie’s Death

This past weekend we experienced a lot of death in America. And it ripped holes into the hearts and faiths of so many people and communities. When something awful—something tragic—like this happens, you feel it. Even if you’re not directly related to it, you still feel the tremors emanating out. Unwarranted death doesn’t go unnoticed.... Continue Reading →

All the Things You Can Do When You Stop Procrastinating

Admittedly, I procrastinated on writing this blog. I had the “aha!” moment, but for some reason I just couldn’t sit down and write it out. I’ve been doing that a lot recently. Especially with my blog writing. I think I may have finally come to a place of being so overwhelmed with life and commitments... Continue Reading →

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