Too Much to Do, Too Little Time

If you can’t tell by my uncharacteristic tardiness and unorganized posting of blogs this summer, I’ll let you know that my life has been too full to handle recently. Unfortunately, for you as a reader, it’s not going to get better anytime soon. But for me as a young adult trying to make my way... Continue Reading →

Do You Have Nerve? // Movie Review + GIVEAWAY!

I had the wonderful chance to check out Emma Roberts' and Dave Franco's new film "Nerve" early at Vidcon this year.  It was such a fun experience being in room full of teenagers freaking out and every intended beat. (Imagine the squeals when Dave Franco shows up on screen for the first time. Oh goodness!)... Continue Reading →

The Social Media Mentality

I feel like every time I go out of town, the news world blows up. Awful things happen. #AltonSterling #PhilandoCastile #Dallas Weird new trends pop up. #PokemonGo And I’m off in La La Land with little attention paid to my social media feed and even less attention to traditional news sources. Which is how I... Continue Reading →

Watching Kid’s Movies as an Adult

Over the last week, I somehow watched an uncharacteristic number of children’s movies. And that was without the influence of any children. After viewing all of them though, it had me thinking about how different it is to watch children’s movies as an adult. Sometimes the jokes aren’t as funny or they seem too immature... Continue Reading →

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