December 2022 Journal Prompts

Somehow we’ve made it to the end of the year! I don’t know about you, but 2022 really flew by for me. I love end-of-the-year journaling. Roundups, reflections, and highlights bring me great joy. I’m an enneagram 4 which means I spend a lot time in my own head thinking, reflecting, and FEELING. 😅... Continue Reading →

November 2022 Journal Prompts

I have to tell you I am NOT prepared for November and the descent into the madness of the holiday season I know is on the horizon. I'm not prepared for the year to be over honestly! I feel like I was just getting started! I've still been kind of on the struggle bus... Continue Reading →

November 2021 Journal Prompts

November is blowing in and that means new journal prompts! Nothing too new or crazy this month. I think I might have finally found my groove with this mix of prompt styles throughout the week and will probably finish out 2021 that way. I've not always been writing during the "Free Write" days lately either.... Continue Reading →

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