November 2022 Journal Prompts

I have to tell you I am NOT prepared for November and the descent into the madness of the holiday season I know is on the horizon. I’m not prepared for the year to be over honestly! I feel like I was just getting started!

I’ve still been kind of on the struggle bus since having COVID last month and just not had a lot of creative energy. I did attend my 10 year college reunion and film a video with Alanna for our traditional “What’s happened since graduation?” lookback. It’s a great excuse to hang out and reminisce. 😜 That video will hopefully be coming to you sometime in November! (Again, I’ve really been struggling to focus and accomplish anything creative lately!)

I’m happy with what I was able to create journal-wise in October though. Once again, I didn’t complete all 10 prompts, but I’m big proponent of quality over quantity anyway!

So then how is November shaping up?

Hopefully, somewhat easy? A balm to the soul, perhaps? November is the month of gratitude and the official start of HOLIDAY season. I know the rest of the year will probably fly by so I wanted to leave some room for reflection and quiet in these prompts.

Remember to use the hashtag #2022ImagineJournaling to share what you’re creating with me on Instagram. And I’ll be sharing my journaling creations monthly on my stories! Happy journaling! 🎉

  1. November Goals
  2. 5 THINGS you’re grateful for
  3. 5 PEOPLE you’re grateful for
  4. Current inspirations
  5. An autumn-themed journal page
  6. Who do you envy the most?
  7. Your favorite feelings
  8. Thanksgiving
  9. A collage of things that cheer you up
  10. Festive essentials

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