August 2022 Journal Prompts

It’s somehow now August already. AUGUST!

July kind of got away from me, journaling-wise. I started out strong and motivated, but kind of entered a busy phase then a pit of despair by the second half of the month and only completed 6 of the planned prompts. Sometimes that happens!

But what’s August bringing us?

I like to think of August’s theme as being a warm hug.

It’s about your personal comforts (e.g. #9: Your comfort films, #7: A collection you have, #2: The fictional place(s) you wish you could visit/live). But it’s also about revisiting your childhood (e.g. #5: A childhood passion, #10: A childhood object you wish you still had) and some catharsis through listing and repetition (e.g. #4: Names you love, #8: Draw an object 10 times in 10 different ways).

I’m hoping these can be some calming and healing prompts as you wind down from a busy summer (or wind up for a busy fall!) Or maybe you’re like me and there is just constant chaos! 🤪

Whatever your August outlook, let’s get to journaling!

Remember to use the hashtag #2022ImagineJournaling to share what you’re creating with me on Instagram. And I’ll be sharing my journaling creations monthly on my stories! (I’m a little behind so you’ll hopefully be getting both June and July’s creations this week!) Happy journaling! 🎉

  1. August Goals
  2. A fictional place you’d visit
  3. Are you a reader or a writer?
  4. Names you love
  5. What’s something you were really into when you were younger, but not anymore?
  6. Unwritten book/poem titles
  7. Something you collect
  8. Draw the same object 10 times in 10 different ways
  9. Your comfort films
  10. What long lost childhood object would you most like to find?

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