Painting a Christmas Unicorn Ornament 🎨🎄🦄

It’s one of the best times of the year for crafting! (At least in my opinion). So in my latest YouTube video I paint some cute ornaments including a Christmas-themed unicorn, a cozy sweater-wearing cat, and a classic Christmas truck!

This video was extra fun to make because 1.) crafting and 2.) silly voiceover! I tried filming this one a little differently to make the crafting part more enjoyable for me (e.g. no stressing about being “camera-ready,” going at my own pace, etc). So I filmed the crafting section on a leisurely Saturday afternoon, and then recorded voiceover talking about the process once I’d edited the footage and could time just right. It ended up being a much more fun experience, and I think I’ll do crafting videos like this in the future!

Also I want to shoutout Katie of KT’s Canvases because her voiceover in her painting videos I discovered on Instagram is definitely a strong influence on how I structured this video! I first saw this video of hers painting little ghosties and pumpkins for Halloween and I’ve been a fan of her art and video style ever since! She also usually has an art critic (aka her cat, Ella) give her thoughts at the end of each video. If that doesn’t sell you on how cool her content is, I don’t know what will!

Finally if you really want to get into the crafting spirit and paint along with me, I’ve got links for you!

Wooden Cat Ornament

Christmas Unicorn Craft

Wooden Christmas Truck Ornament

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