2020: A Year in Review

Where have we been? And where are we going? That’s the subject of my last video in 2020:

I ended 2019 asking the question: “Where do we go from here?” And thought I’d be taking a much needed creative break from the internet.

Then 2020 happened. And how was I supposed to process without making videos?

So here we are.

This year I made 32 videos for YouTube.

Dyed my hair pink. And made a TikTok just so I could show that pink hair transformation. 

Found joy in journaling every day. 

Realized that my cat may be my best friend.

Turned 30 in “quarantine.” An age at which I thought I’d have my life “all together.” But it turns out that maybe no one really has it together.

Got out of my comfort zone to do a couple’s photoshoot with Eric, capturing our lives and joy in this weird and wild moment.

Danced a lot. In silly outfits. Why? Because I can. And that’s worth dancing to.

And tried to find the beauty and inner peace in each individual moment.

“Stop and smell the roses, Kaitlyn!” has been a refrain most of my life. And this year, I did my best to do that.

I let go of a lot.

I’m still holding on to a lot that I need to let go of.

But it’s a start.

I’m really proud of this video, and what I was able to accomplish this year despite all the obstacles. I set out in 2020 to find a way to feel more like an artist than a content machine. And though I can still struggle at times to get out of the “machine” mindset, the forced slowdown of 2020 benefited me in this endeavor. Almost every video I made this year was created in love and through true inspiration. Though the grief and trauma of this year was a rollercoaster of emotions and affected my ability to feel and be creative, I never lost that inner spark of desire to be creative. It’s how I processed this year for sure.

If you saw something in this week’s video you missed this year, take a scroll through this playlist of all my 2020 videos! You might just find something that brings you joy.

A new year doesn’t mean everything changes, but it is a reminder that we have the ability each day to turn our compass towards the life we want. Small steps, big journey.

I’ll be taking a few weeks off of video making, but see you back on YouTube in 2021!

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