January 2021 Journal Prompts

2020 was the year I really embraced daily journaling. It started as a daily writing challenge with a friend but slowly morphed into photo layouts, elaborate collages, and icon sketches of memorable moments. I’m still not at the level of those perfect calligraphy bullet journal layouts that look more like art pieces than a functional writing resource, but the way my journal looks matches who I am: colorful, fun, and little chaotic.

Since I’m creating a prompt list each month to print and paste into my journal, I thought it might be useful to share for anyone who wants to follow along! Maybe you have a New Year’s Resolution to journal more or even just START journaling, daily self-reflective prompts are absolutely what has worked for me so it’s worth it to give it shot while that new year motivation is still strong!

Click here for a FREE printable version!

With these prompts this month, I’m really focusing on both looking forward and looking back which I think is important to do at the beginning of any new year. What can be learned from the year past? What are you bringing into the new year that doesn’t serve you? What do you hope to accomplish by this time next year? But there’s also a healthy dose of remaining “present” in the present throughout.

Happy new year and happy journaling, my friends!

  1. What was your first meal of the year?
  2. Choose a word for this year and explain why.
  3. This time next year I will be: _____________________.
  4. My top 10 goals for the year are…
  5. 5 bad habits I’d like to get rid of this year are…
  6. Something I’d like to try this year that I’ve never tried before is…
  7. 3 qualities I’d like to strengthen about myself are…
  8. Write an encouraging letter to the parts of yourself that might be hurt or disappointed.
  9. Make a list of books you want to read this year.
  10. Make one tangible goal that you can accomplish in the week ahead.
  11. Write about your current home: describe how it looks, feels, what you like about it.
  12. Describe your current self in 4 words.
  13. Write a haiku about your day.
  14. If you could live inside of any movie, it would be .
  15. Write and process through an event that has been troubling you lately.
  16. What’s something you achieved last year that you’re proud of?
  17. Write about the last moment that made you feel truly happy.
  18. If you could summarize this season of your life in one word it would be .
  19. 5 things that bring you joy that money can’t buy.
  20. The biggest lesson I learned from last year was…
  21. Describe your partner or closest friend in 4 words.
  22. I feel like my best self when ___.
  23. You are doing better than you think you are! Give yourself 3 sincere compliments!
  24. Write down your favorite memory from today.
  25. Find a verse, poem, or quote that inspires you in your current situation.
  26. Where is the most inspiring place you’ve ever been?
  27. Make a list of 5 of your favorite songs right now.
  28. What’s the biggest thing you’ve learned from the latest book or article you’ve read?
  29. When you envision the person you are in a year, what are you like?
  30. What have you accomplished this month?
  31. Write down one word to describe this month for you.

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