Imagining Happenings: An Introduction

Welcome to Kaitlyn’s brain! Grab some pop, sit back, and enjoy the show!

I have loved the idea of imagination for as long as I can remember. How the human mind can dream up the most fantastical things in just a few moments. And although I’ve grown older and witnessed the withering of imagination from childhood to adulthood in those around me and, unfortunately, even in myself, my deepest held belief is that imagination can solve any problem. The world tells us over and over again that we need to be rational and practical and to “get our heads out of the clouds,” but that’s not how I define imagination. It isn’t being fanciful and unrealistic or legitimately believing that the owl just got lost delivering your Hogwarts acceptance letter. Imagination is much more than that—it’s hope that the world is more than a grey, fog-filled abyss with dead-eyed zombies.
For people like me, people who have struggled with depression and anxiety, OCD and perfectionism, that HOPE is what keeps us waking up every morning. I live in the real world. I play by the rules of society and go to work and pay my taxes and work hard in school, but I don’t “LIVE” in the real world. I live in a world of hope and happiness and determination—that is my imagination. I don’t need anyone to validate the person I am inside my head. Rather I constantly push myself to let that person out into the real world. To blend the imaginative and the concrete so that I can truly enjoy living.
My goal in life (and this blog) is to enjoy living more through my imagination. I have so many passions, but I let so few of them show for fear of not being “good enough” or criticized by the “real” experts. But that’s why creativity and imagination is so important for people to harness. We are more than our nine-to-five job or our latest boyfriend/girlfriend or how many parties we were invited to last weekend. We are funny and ecstatic and crazy and stupid and wild. We are human, and being human means we can’t deny one of our greatest gifts—our minds.

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