Justifying Word Vomit (Novel Writing: Month 5, Chapter 5)


Another month of novel writing: COMPLETE! However, it certainly didn’t come without its challenges.

The farther I get into this story, the more I realize how complex it is. I initially started a journal/sketchbook to keep all the little details of the story organized. For the first two or three chapters I did pretty well with making sure to update the journal every time I added a new obscure detail, but as I’ve gotten deeper into the story I find it too easy to write and forget about keeping all the fine details organized. This, in turn, is causing problems now as I’m delving into the story. I’m seeing holes in the plot and a disconnect between my first and last few chapters. It’s nothing that’s not fixable with some fine-tune editing and overall storyline decisions, but since my focus and goal in writing is to get through as much content as possible without worrying and getting hung up on quality. Essentially, I get to spend a year making lots of word vomit! Woohoo! However, I am a detail-oriented person, and it’s hard to not want to know all the minute details in my story. Having already written this story in one form before, I am constantly getting confused as to what serves as a detail for this story and what details I created for the original story and am confusing with the one I’m writing now.

About halfway through chapter 5, I realized I was taking too long looking back through previous chapters trying to find certain details and slowing down my writing progress. I remedied this by 1.) trying to keep a better tab of details as I go by just jotting them down in a bulleted list that I can later add into my journal and “prettify” it and 2.) MOVING ON. For this project, I just have to learn to not care as much about the fine details. I have to remember that this is a time for writing, and that there will later be a time for crafting and beautifying and making sense out of the mess that I’ve created. For this goal, though, it’s important for me to learn to just go with imperfection and holes in the plot because it’s helping me to feel accomplished and creative so that I can continue generating ideas. It’s certainly not an easy task, but it’s well worth my time in the long run based on the growth that I can already see in myself.

Tell me in the comments about your writing process!

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  1. I tend to be absolutely terrible about tangents, rants when I’m writing. It’s very easy to get lost in the journey of writing instead of the destination.

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