It’s Just One of Those Days

Last Wednesday was one of those days. Those days where nothing goes right. Those days where you just want to cry (and maybe even do) before you’ve even gotten to lunch. Those days that when you think you’ve finally made it out of the forest, you fall right into the deepest pit.

I hate days like this.

The day didn’t start out bad. It wasn’t one of those days where you’re aware from the moment you wake up that it’s going to be a bad day. Where your dreams are filthy and contaminate you for the rest of the day so that you just don’t feel “right.” You can’t quite shake the uneasiness of the previous night’s phantoms away. I hate those days too, but at least they give you a warning.

One Of Those Days 4The day that I experienced was much worse because I didn’t see it coming. I couldn’t just buckle down and deal with it. I kept thinking it was only a minor mishap, and the rest of the day would straighten out.

That is not what happened.

It started with a meeting with my coworkers and the president of my company. It was a careful battle of wills, manipulation, and verve that is usually done through email, but that day I had the joy of experiencing it in person. Essentially my coworkers and I have to figure out a way to be helpful while also not committing ourselves to projects that we just don’t have time or resources for. It is an exhausting endeavor.

While I was in the meeting I then received a voicemail from my doctor’s office explaining that before a prescription that I needed refilled could be called in, I HAD to see the doctor. Well, this shouldn’t have been much of a problem, right? Except that:

  1. The reason I was having a special refill from the doctor in the first place was because my pharmacy had shorted me an entire month but vehemently INSISTED that they hadn’t and insinuated that I was a drug addict.
  2. I was just about to start a three day long video shoot that I couldn’t miss and of course doctors only operate during my working hours so it becomes quite complicated to schedule an appointment when you’re supposed to be running a video taping.
  3. I was completely out of medicine at this point, and had been under the impression that all of this was taken care of the previous day and my medicine would be ready to pick-up that evening. I had been told by several different doctors NOT to stop taking the medication without slowly weaning myself off. If I couldn’t get more medication until after seeing a doctor, it was very possibly I would spend at least a week without any medicine and I didn’t want to find out what side effects that might cause.

This pretty much sent me into a tail spin because I was tired of talking to doctors and pharmacy technicians and being accused of taking more than my allotted dosage and having to explain my work schedule and how I couldn’t miss any time. Essentially, THERE JUST WASN’T ANY TIME TO DEAL WITH THESE PROBLEMS. But they demanded immediate attention.

In an effort to calm down, I went outside and decided to call my mom and talk it out. This backfired as well. I ended up sitting in an oven of a car trying to explain all the issues I was having AGAIN and make someone new understand which only agitated me more because that’s exactly what was bothering me in the first place, I just hadn’t realized it until that moment.

I finally calmed down enough to go back inside where the real work began because our video shoot would soon start. So I spent the rest of the day trying to balance video editing (that has a crunching deadline approaching) and shooting several new videos that took me over my normal working time until about 6:00 PM. But I’m not done then because I need to still finish that editing!

So I stay late (even when my usual latest staying coworkers have left already!) until about 7:00 PM. I cut off all the lights. Make sure everything is rendering appropriately. Gather all my things, lock the office door and the warehouse door (of which I usually exit through), and finally the building door. I walk to my car in the pitch black, empty parking lot and click on the “lock” button located on the door handle of my car only to find…that it doesn’t work.

Why doesn’t it work?

Because you have to have the keys with you in order for the car to recognize that it should open.

The conclusion: I didn’t have the keys.

One Of Those Days 2Maybe this wouldn’t be that big of a deal for most people, but the only way I have access into my work building is with an electronic keycard.

That is hooked onto my car keys.

This means, I am stuck outside without car keys, without a building key, and without knowing if anyone was left in the building. Should I call my boss and have him drive over to let me back in the building and wait in the dark, creepy parking lot alone until he arrives? Do I call my parents have them come pick me up and just leave the car overnight until there are more people in the building who would let me in? Do I ring the doorbell in hopes that a poor soul was working even later than I was and will hear it? Do I just sit on the sidewalk and cry my eyes out?

I was rather privy to the final option, but I finally made it into the building after a panic attack, some brainstorming with my boss over the phone, a few calls to our phone center in hopes that someone was still working (I missed our close time by three minutes), and triumphantly a lot of bell ringing.

When I finally made it home that night, I realized it had been one of those days. I could only see it in retrospect, but goodness was it horrific! I don’t like days like that. I don’t want to do more days like that. I can’t even learn anything from days like that unless you consider “everyone is unlucky sometimes” a lesson.

In the end, it was just “one of those days,” and there’s not much you can do about it. Other than hope you don’t have another one soon!

One Of Those Days 3

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