Too Much to Do, Too Little Time

If you can’t tell by my uncharacteristic tardiness and unorganized posting of blogs this summer, I’ll let you know that my life has been too full to handle recently. Unfortunately, for you as a reader, it’s not going to get better anytime soon. But for me as a young adult trying to make my way in the world, it’s actually good because I have lots of fun and amazing things happening in the near future that I’ll be able to talk openly about soon.

This does mean that if you’re looking forward to VEDA 2016 (Vlog Every Day in August), I’m probably going to disappoint you. Usually, August is a down time for me which makes it perfect for vlogging every day, but this year I have so much stuff going on that I know I won’t even physically be able to vlog every day. It’s not so much about having the time (though that will be spare too) but about where and what I’ll be doing that will make daily vlogs super difficult.

HOWEVER, I have a consolation. I may not be able to do 31 videos in 31 days, but I’ve wanted to add a second video a week to my channel for a while now (and have been promising it even longer), and I feel like this will be the perfect time to launch it. What I’ve been thinking (and what’s been holding me back from adding a second video before now) is that I just don’t have the time or energy or even content to make two “advice” videos a week. So if I can’t do that, then why make an extra video? But the thing is though I want to make more than one video a week. I feel like I have the ideas for more than one video a week. And I think I’ve finally convinced myself that it’s okay to try new things with this extra video. So the goal is for this second weekly video to be one of several things. The first and most logical option is a Q&A video with subscriber suggestion questions. I’ll need to create a hashtag, but it will essentially be an “Ask Me Anything” type deal. I can answer personal questions or give you advice or get my opinion on something. The second option is a life/travel vlogging. I do a fair amount of curating what parts of my life you guys see. You don’t really know what I do in my daily life. You know what goes on in my head! But what’s actually happening? What’s my day look like? What products can I not live without? Where do I go and who do I see on the weekends? What’s it like to go grocery shopping with me? Ha! After 5 years of watching my videos, do you even realize you don’t know the answers to any of these questions? But that’s okay, I’ve wanted it that way. Mostly because I haven’t really felt like my life is that interesting outside of my head (where do you think the “IMAGINE” comes from? Tehehe!) But I want to get more comfortable vlogging in public and sharing the cool (and boring) things I do. There’s a beauty and art to finding the adventure in the everyday, and I want to cultivate that skill.

So Q&A’s and Life Vlogging are going to be mostly what that second video a week will consist of. As I get more time, I’d love to add in all the styles of videos I desperately want to create but always put off because it’s either not a traditional “iIMAGINEblank” video or it needs more tender loving care than my regular videos. These would be like lookbooks and short films and music videos and maybe even some music (here’s looking at you Katherine and Alanna! You’ve said you want to make a video with me so let’s do it!) These are going to be larger projects, but my hope and expectation for the future is that I’m going to have the time and resources to start expanding my creativity.

I hope you all with stick with me through these new changes and let me know what you do and don’t like, and how I can make content that you love as much as I do. Do you have any suggestions already? Leave them down in the comments!

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