There Seem to be No Happy Endings on The Vampire Diaries: Episode 08×11 Review

If you haven’t seen The Vampire Diaries episode 08×11, then be WARNED! This post is full of SPOILERS!


I hate giving away spoilers, but this episode warranted a post BAD.


Are you still here? No complaining if you haven’t watched the episode!


So with just a few episodes left in this shortened final season of TVD, things had really started to look dire. No-Humanity-Stefan was ripping through bodies and had straight-up lost any long-held love for his brother.  And while the Sirens were finally out of commission, Cade was now in town, and I feel like we finally have a worthwhile villain this season. Not that cannibal sisters Sybil and Seline weren’t villainous, but they walked a razor-thin line between being potentially redeemable and just annoyingly evil. (As opposed to Cade’s bone-chilling, pure evil. I mean, he IS the keeper of hell so…)

Basically we had about a minute of “this might not turn out so bad” until Cade showed up and threw out an ultimatum and everything started to go downhill. But it wasn’t until nearly the end of the episode when we realized how FAR downhill it had actually gotten. We were in a veritable pit of no return. Because Stefan was going to kill Elena’s comatose body and Bonnie and Enzo were the only things standing in his way.

Which lead to two devastating things happening this episode: Bonnie giving Stefan the cure (to save herself), and Stefan ripping out Enzo’s heart.

I should have known that there was no happy ending in store for Bonnie and Enzo. I’ve watched 8 seasons of Bonnie getting the short end of the stick so why would anything change now?

Bonnie became my favorite character in season 6 when she fought her way back from the 1994 prison world. While I knew objectively that the previous 5 seasons had literally been Bonnie sacrificing things/people she loved or even herself, it wasn’t until season 6 where her true strength and spitfire came through. (06×13 “The Day I Tried to Live” where Bonnie contemplates suicide after the solitude of the prison world finally gets to her utterly broke my heart). Sometimes it feels like the whole “Bonnie and Elena’s lives are linked” so that Elena will sleep so long as Bonnie is alive thing is actually a metaphor for how Bonnie can’t have an interesting storyline on the show while Elena is around. Because she’s literally ALWAYS sacrificing something for her.

And with the loss of her BIG LOVE Enzo, it’s once again happened. So I honestly don’t blame her for shoving the cure into Stefan and essentially ruining Damon and Elena’s human future together. (Arguably, she saved their future because if she hadn’t stopped Stefan, he would have killed Elena and Damon’s ability to take the cure would have been useless at this point anyway.)

But just…WHY!? Why does this always happen to Bonnie?

On the upside, that little “whoosh” of air as she wept over Enzo’s desiccated body sure looked like her magic might have returned. And it sets up the last five episodes of the season for a showdown in hell.  

So basically, if we’re not going to get a Bonnie/Enzo happily ever after, here’s what I predict/hope/want.

Our heroes break into hell and 1.) destroy Cade and 2.) destroy his hell prison and save all our friends over the years who inevitably would have been sent there after the “Other Side” was destroyed at the end of Season 5. Something like this seems to be suggested from all the behind-the-scenes photos from set with deceased characters such as Tyler, John Gilbert, Aunt Jenna, and Vicki Donovan. And I want Badass Bonnie at the center of this prison break. While I really want her to have a happily ever after, this just doesn’t seem to be in the cards for her. So the next best thing in my opinion would be for her to be the amazing, cut-throat hero we’ve known she’s been all along. But no holds barred this time. I really want her to let Cade have it.  She’s had happiness ripped out from under her too many times at this point. It seems cruel.

However, knowing that Nina Dobrev promised to return for the final episode, I do worry that Julie Plec plans to martyr Bonnie in order for Elena to be awoken and we have our beautiful Delena end-game moment. Martyring Bonnie after EVERYTHING that’s happened is not something that I’d be okay with. She’s literally been the martyr the whole series. It’s so predictable! Not to mention, it sucks to be Bonnie if that’s the case. Not even a remotely mediocre ending for her. Geez!


I also have to make a note about the Bonnie-Enzo relationship which I know not all the fans were on board with. I know I was certainly taken aback a bit when they started making out in episode 07×03 after the three year time jump. But after they showed the development of their relationship and the changes that Enzo made to his outlook on life for her and because of her, I was a total Bonnie-Enzo shipper.

I guess, at this point it should be noted that there are only 2 main ships on the show–Bonnie/Enzo and Caroline/Stefan. While I love Steroline’s friendship and the development of their romantic feelings I still always felt like Stefan was weirdly settling and that Caroline really belonged with Klaus, but that’s just me. I’m a big Klaroline shipper. So Bonnie-Enzo felt like a more organic ship for me to root for.

I like that Bonnie fell for a vampire–or rather that she fell for a guy and looked past his vampirism (which for someone who’s life has been ruined by vampires over and over, that’s a pretty big step). But I also love that Enzo was willing to become human for her. Their relationship mirrors that of Damon and Elena quite a bit. Damon and Enzo are both the “bad boys.” And Bonnie and Elena know they function best as humans (as compared to Caroline who made it very clear in 08×11 that she was a better person because she was a vampire). But while Damon struggled with the prospect of becoming human for Elena, Enzo was willing to give up his immortality with barely a second thought if it meant spending his life with Bonnie. So despite all the horrid things Enzo has done since he was introduced, we see that he’s less of a flawed being than Damon in that simple action. Which is why, I mourn his death and the end of the beautiful relationship between Bonnie and Enzo.
Their relationship was short and chaotic, but it was pure in a way that Damon and Elena (while still my vote for end-game!) couldn’t achieve.  Damon and Elena always felt simultaneously right and wrong for each other because they consistently pulled each other in opposite directions. At the time of Elena’s sleeping spell, it looked like they finally might be going in the right direction, but when Bonnie and Enzo found each other, they made a much more effortless blending of paths. Which is why I think, Bonnie and Enzo might actually be my all-time favorite TVD couple.



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