A Year of Thanks (and Giving) // A Poem

Happy Thanksgiving, friends! And welcome to the holiday season!

This time of year is filled with so many wonderful memories for me, but as someone who suffers from depression, it’s also a particularly hard time as I struggle to separate the happiness and nostalgia from the anxiety and the clouds. I tried to capture some of the struggle of dealing with these conflicting emotions during a time that’s supposed to be “joyful” in this poem (and illustrate them in the corresponding video). The holiday season is an exciting and magical time, but I hope you don’t forget how hard it can be for many others. For me, I just try to focus on this simple and embrace each good moment as it comes.

A Year of Thanks (and Giving)

This time of year
Always reminds me
Of how simple life
Used to seem.
When holidays were
about family and food
And celebrating the simple moments.
But even though
each new year brings more joy.
There’s also more sadness.
And it can be harder
To be thankful
To be joyful
To see the light in the darkness.
So I focus on the simple again,
Capturing the moments
As best I can.
Holding onto that
Childlike innocence and
Watch it grow in others.
Embracing the silly
And truly enjoying the
Things I love.
Filling my life with
As much color and
Curiosity as possible.
Clearing my mind and
Trying to see through
The fog to new days ahead.
Remembering to fill my cup
And embrace self-care
Because self-hate only
Leads to an empty room
And I’m so tired of being alone.
Time wants to escape from us,
Shifting through the cracks and
Ticking down the moments we have left.
And so here we are with
Another year of
Thanks (and giving)
And I just hope
I have given enough.

Here’s the stop motion animation video I made to go along with the poem!

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