A New Website and Christmas Break!

Hello my friends! I just wanted to write a quick update to let you know that you might be seeing a little less of me on the blog in December. One of my 2017 goals has been to finally turn this blog (Imagining Happenings) into a full-fledged website that curates all my content (videos, writing, art, etc), but to do that, I really need a little extra creative time and the ability to work behind the scenes. So I thought, what could be a better time than during the holiday season when people are going every which way already?

Most likely I won’t be entirely absent during the next month since I’m going to Christmas Town this evening (😀) so there will be a video and (most likely) blog for that soon, and I have several super fun holiday-themed videos planned for December that might warrant a behind-the-scenes blog or two! But overall, I really want to try to allocate the time I usually spend writing for the blog every week tinkering on the backend and rebranding.

If you’ve checked out my YouTube, Facebook, or Twitter banners recently, you should have noticed a change! These new banners were the first step in my design process as I’m moving to a  galaxy-theme (because we’re so unique, we must be from outer space!) of blues, purples, and pinks and adding a cat with glasses (because, of course!) as my mascot. It’s still somewhat a work in progress, but when I re-launch the website, you can expect something along these lines!

I’m excited for the ideas I have for the site, and I could use good vibes and prayers that I can spend my time efficiently to bring them from ideas to reality!

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