March 2021 Journal Prompts

March (for me, at least) marks one year of everything in my life (and the USA) being upended because of the COVID-19 pandemic. It’s been a *YEAR*, and yet it also somehow doesn’t seem like a year could have possibly passed!

And because of that feeling, when I started compiling March’s journal prompts, I found a theme in the prompts I was drawn to include:

“If you could have front row seats to any concert who would you see?”
“Where would you most like to travel?”
“What do you wish you could do every day?”

There’s definitely some wishful thinking going on!

It’s been a while since I went to a concert (2019 was ironically the year I went to the most live concerts), and I miss the excitement of early morning plane trips and hotel stays where I feel untethered from responsibility for a few hours/days, and I’m just a nameless woman on the precipice of adventure. So with a full year of staying at home coming into view this month, I want to get a little wishful and imaginative.

Let’s think about what we’d do and where we’d go if we weren’t in the middle of a pandemic. Let’s ask ourselves interesting “what if” questions and dream about our ideal life. Let’s reflect on the happy and sad of the month. I’m anticipating a roller coaster of emotions as certain dates pass, so here’s to being kind and giving ourselves grace this month.

If you’re following my 2021 prompts, remember to share what you’re writing/creating with me over on Instagram if you feel so inspired, and check out my creations on my stories!

Happy journaling my friends!

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  1. How do you ~REFRESH~?
  2. What makes a house a home?
  3. If you could sit down with your older self, what would you ask?
  4. The best part of my day is _____________.
  5. If you could have front row seats to any concert who would you see?
  6. Where would you most like to travel?
  7. What is one thing you can do to take care of yourself today? Write it down and make it happen.
  8. Do you compare yourself to others? – if so, what do you compare – physical traits, personality, etc.
  9. What do you wish you could do every day?
  10. What would you try if you had no fear?
  11. What’s the best TV show/movie you’ve watched recently?
  12. How is life different one year into the COVID-19 pandemic? How is it the same?
  13. Describe the view from your window.
  14. Which language would you like to speak fluently?
  15. If you were granted a wish, what would you wish for and why?
  16. What is one thing you’re looking forward to?
  17. Would you rather meet your great great grandparents or your great great grandchildren?
  18. What do you think is the ideal age?
  19. Who are you thankful for in your life and how can you let them know?
  20. What are 3 things that made you laugh lately?
  21. Make a list of things you’ve been putting off and try to do one today.
  22. What’s something that’s made you sad lately?
  23. In what era would you most like to have grown up?
  24. List your top 5 priorities in life and how well you’re investing in each.
  25. Who has inspired you as a mentor and why?
  26. Make a list of 7 rules that you live by.
  27. Are you blaming someone else for a problem that you are having right now? If so, who are you blaming, and for what problem?
  28. What song is a good soundtrack for your life right now?
  29. How would you like to spend your elder years?
  30. How are your year goals coming along?
  31. One word to describe your month.

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