What I Made in April // Photo Journal Challenge

I gave myself a new journaling challenge in April: take a weekly photo.

If you scrolled through my iPhone camera roll, you’d find some days where I have a hundred photos. Mostly of my cat (because he’s cute ALL the time) or a mini selfie shoot because I was feeling cute (which happens SOME of the time). Other times, I’ll go a week without much more than a saved screenshot or downloaded meme. Basically I was using my phone camera as a necessary means to an end. Not a creative tool in and of itself. So in April I wanted to change that by giving myself some simple prompts to follow on Saturdays which is usually the day I least want to write in my journal anyway.

What I didn’t expect when I gave myself this challenge was how it would translate to my collage skills as well. I kind of assumed all I’d have time for was taking the photo and pasting it in to my journal, maybe adding a colorful paper background. But what I found was that each week as I anticipated the prompt and looked for opportunities to find something fitting, the joy in creating didn’t stop once the photo was shot. Instead, I wanted to find ways to translate the prompt and photo into a page worth looking at again. I think my favorite version of this is the 4/10 prompt “Flower Power.” I’d recently bought some cool floral stickers and this was the PERFECT opportunity to go all out using them.

So take a look through the prompts and what resulted!

April 3, 2021: Self-portrait

Nothing seemed more fitting for a self-portrait than the purple dress I have dubbed “If Kaitlyn was a dress, she would be this dress.” And while most of my pet selfies involve Finn, I thought it would be fun to mix it up with my favorite puppy nephew/cousin/uncle (?!?) Ziggy. (It’s a long story as to why it is unclear whether he’s my nephew or my uncle. 😂) I’m also using some constellation-themed washi tape a sweet friend sent me in the mail and of course everything is PURPLE.

April 10, 2021: Flower Power

The flowers were really in bloom this week and I actually had more flower photos than I had space in my spread! I picked my two favorites though: the wild blue phlox Eric and I saw blooming on our walk to Hollins Mill and the purple flowering crabapple in my parent’s front yard. (Also it should be noted, these flowers were identified using google and what my dad thinks he planted in the front yard. 😂 If you know what kind of flowers they are, please let me know!)

April 17, 2021: Makes Me Happy

Thinking about this prompt during the week, I actually thought I’d take a photo of Finn (because he always makes me happy!) But Eric unexpectedly snapped this quick selfie with my birthday cake on the 16th and it captured such a moment of unstaged happiness that it made for the perfect entry. Plus I got to search for (and use) the birthday themed stickers I knew I had stored somewhere.

April 24, 2021: The View From Here

I was looking after my next door neighbor’s cats over the weekend and the back deck is the feline hot spot. Finn knows he’s not supposed to be on the railing but will jump up there if I’m not directly hovering over him. So sometimes when I peak outside I’ll catch him in the act and he’ll turn around to “mew” at me accusingly like he’s not doing anything wrong. I am, in fact, the intruder! Somehow I captured that perfect moment where he looks like a grumpy vampire in the first photo. The second photo is a gorgeous shot I captured of one of the neighbor kitties, Kylo while he too made me nervous on the railing and chattered at the birds.

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