February 2022 Journal Prompts

We’ve made it a month into 2022, and it sure feels like everything is on fire, doesn’t it?

I’m trying to hang in there, and where a lot of my focus has gone to crafting out all the journal prompt lists for 2022. Less prompts per month meant I wanted to be very intentional about which ones I chose and how they built out a theme for each month.

February is that frustrating time of the year where winter seems endless, and if you’re single (or just not particularly romantically inclined), you can feel like the bitter friend in a rom-com who doesn’t believe in love. But I want to challenge you this month to think outside the normal confines of the commercialized “Valentine’s Day” holiday. Love and intimacy and relationships are about so much more than explicitly romantic partnerships. Take the time this month to be curious and explore. What/who do you love? Why? Turn the red/pink of elementary school homemade valentines on its head. What music is romantic (or maybe anti-romantic) to you?

You’ll also notice for the rest of the year, one of the prompts will always be your goals for the month. This is something I started doing at the beginning of each month last year, and I love having it as a page to consistently look back at. It’s less a to-do list and more of a “here’s what I’d like my month to look like.” Sometimes it works out, other times a month descends into chaos and I barely accomplish anything. Either way it’s a good marker to look back on.

Remember to use the hashtag #2022ImagineJournaling to share what you’re creating with me on Instagram. And I’ll be sharing my journaling creations monthly on my stories! Happy journaling! 🎉

  1. February Goals
  2. Create a valentine for a friend or loved one
  3. Red/Pink collage
  4. A love letter to yourself
  5. Valentine’s playlist
  6. Tiger (February 1st is Lunar New Year)
  7. Discuss your first love. Your first kiss.
  8. Portrait of someone you love
  9. Things you’re curious about
  10. Robots in love

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