An Honest Account of Goals Reached in 2014


It’s 2015 all ready! Wow! I could spend an entire blog post whining about how quickly time seems to pass and how I never get to complete all my goals because the year is gone before you know it, but I’ll spare you the droning.  I could also count all my blessing from 2014 (which are considerable when I really take the time to think about them), but you can go read everyone’s Facebook posts over the last few days if you want a feel good session. Instead, let’s talk about what I accomplished in 2014 because if you remember my very first post on this blog was “The Creativity of Goal-Setting” where I laid out my goals for the year.  Now it’s time to check in and see what happened!

1.) Start A Blog!

Complete! I wrote a blog EVER. SINGLE. WEEK. since I started this site on January 8, 2014.  That’s kind of crazy considering I also put out a video on my YouTube Channel every week too.  Basically I doubled my creative content and expanded to a new medium this year, and I’m really proud of myself for it.

2.) Keep Track of Books, Movies, and Places

In 2014, I read 51 books, watched 69 movies, and visited 25 significant enough to remember places.  The number of books I read is what I’m my proud of.  Before 2014, I had never kept a list the books I had read so I didn’t have an accurate count.  I also know I significantly upped my reading game this year.  I’ve pretty much been reading two books at a time all year long–one digital book I can read anywhere and one print book that I primarily read while at home.  I’ve read library books, bought books, free e-books, borrowed books and highly anticipated sequels.  They’ve primarily been in the Young Adult Fiction and Fantasy genre because that what I want to write and I consider it a creative exercise to see what others are writing in the genre, but I’ve also branched out and read some foreign short stories, some strange science-fiction novels, and one very bad (and regretted) “Fifty Shades of Grey” wanna-be book.



3.) Try Arbonne Products and Do More Physical Activity

I did try Arbonne products.  Unfortunately, it was right at the beginning of a very terrible flair-up of whatever unknown auto-immune disease I have. Needless to say I got very, VERY SICK for several months.  Pretty much January through March was shot for me which further complicated my goals of doing more physical activity.  I will say that once I started to feel better I did make pretty concentrated effort at eating better and exercising. I’ve also learned how to integrate certain Arbonne products into my everyday life like the protein shakes (I’ve found that frozen bananas + peanut butter + almond/coconut milk + oatmeal + chocolate protein powder is delicious!) which is something I didn’t think I’d be able to handle when I first tried them.  Making healthy choices is still a work in progress, but I definitely learned a lot about my body and what it likes/needs and how far I can push it physically which I think will benefit me as I continue this goal/journey into 2015.

4.) Take Swimming Lessons

Nope. This didn’t happen. This didn’t happen AT ALL. It got as far as being written down on several different sheets of paper and journals.   Organized exercise is something that I really WANT to do, but I have a hard time accomplishing it because it costs money, time, and interactions with people–all of which I’m sorely lacking in at this time. I’ve recently become interested in downloading a yoga app for my iPad that way I can do yoga cheaply, alone, and at anytime of day I want. I don’t know how that will work out, but I guess that’s what a new year is for. Adventure!

5.) Write One Chapter of a My Novel a Month

I did this! It seemed so easy in the beginning, but it got harder and harder each month.  However, I feel so accomplished and happy to say that wrote 12 chapters this year! Which doesn’t like much but is 12 more chapter than I wrote last year or the year before! If you’d like to catch up on my entire Novel writing journey you can click here.  I’ve been keeping monthly log of my progress, struggles, and triumph on this blog.  In 2015, I plan on continuing to write, but my goal is to FINISH the book. I have essentially reached the place in my novel plot-wise that I had when writing it by hand so everything from here on out is new territory for me.  Taking away the safety railings of “one month, one chapter” is scary, but I want to really let my creative juices flow in 2015 and come out with a full manuscript. One that needs considerable revising mind you but a finished product, nonetheless.

6.) Pursue the Next Step in My Career and Life

I didn’t outright say I wanted to get a new job and move somewhere else in 2014, but that was my intention from a mental standpoint.  That hasn’t happened. The first half of the year I made an extreme effort at searching and applying to jobs, revising my resume, and trying to figure out my life.  There were bought of jealousy as my friends got new jobs, moved new places, and found new opportunities.  There were times of extreme disappointment when NO ONE contacted me back.  I went to VidCon in June with new business cards, an industry pass, and a determination to find a job.  I left with new friends, helpful experiences, and a set of confused career goals.  I didn’t know what I wanted career-wise anymore.  I didn’t know where or what to make my next step.  The second half of 2014 was spent in a little bit of a career depression. I didn’t apply for new jobs. I didn’t like the job I was currently working. I wanted out. I wanted something new, but I didn’t know how to get there or even where “there” was.  I’m still in a little bit of that funk, but I’m desperately trying to come out of it.  My YouTube channel has been doing really well (up 5,000 subscribers in 2014!) which has given me more hope in the future and faith in my abilities.  I’m very much seeing the need to move away from home and have my own space where I can expand my YouTube channel and experiment with that thing people refer to as “adult life.”  I also really want a career move, something to invigorate me and make me excited to go to work and feel like I’m really making an impact. I don’t feel that where I currently am, unfortunately. So here’s to making some major life and career changes in 2015!

7.) Things That Happened That I Wasn’t Expecting

In 2014, I was chosen as an Ambassador Vlogger for Busch Gardens, Williamsburg and Water Country USA which was an AMAZING experience.  2014 was absolutely changed by my selection and participation in that program.  It was my first foray into navigating a vlogging relationship with brand plus I got to have so much fun and do so many cool things I never would have without it! You can watch all my “Thrill Chaser’s Adventures” on my YouTube Channel where I’ve made a convenient playlist to experience Busch Gardens in 2014 with me!

It’s amazing to me how something little like applying to be an Ambassador Vlogger can change your year.  I hope that 2015 will bring just as many fun and amazing opportunities my way because I want to make it as happy and successful as possible!

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