Art, Depression, and Monsters of the Mind

I started a blog yesterday that was pretty honest and raw about the rough time I’ve been having with depression recently. But it was SO raw, that I was a little afraid to continue writing it and post it. You all know I’m an advocate for honesty in my blog and vlog, but I think for now I have limits on how honest I can be. Just because I worry for my safety, career, and future when I post things like that. So instead, I decided to go a different route with how I’ve been feeling. I picked up my iPad and drew my feelings.

Monsters of the Mind 2

I love art. I love drawing and painting and sculpting. I wish I had more time to devote to it so I could really hone my skills, and it makes me think that art should be one of my 2016 goals. Like instead of one blog a week, maybe one art piece a week with a short blog on my purpose behind it instead. I think that could be an interesting experiment, especially since one of my 2016 goals for my YouTube channel involves art/coloring as well.

But anyway, let me introduce you to The Depression Monster. He’s only one variation of the Monster. Monsters of the Mind are sneaky shape shifters. But today he appeared to me like this. Razor sharp bird claws, dead eyes, and tentacle-like arms that can reach out and find you anywhere. That can trap you, choke you, drag you back. He also has a grey and dreary aura that affects everything around him. Even the sun hides from him, and the flower die at his feet. He’s an all around miserable and misery-causing guy. But he’s also kind of cute in the oddest way so that you’re tricked into letting him into your life and feel guilty about kicking him out even though he’s very obviously making things unhappy for you.

He’s a plague. And tomorrow, he’ll likely look different so you won’t recognize him and let him back into your house if you managed to rid yourself of him the previous day. He’s crafty like that.

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