Get Into the Halloween Spirit with My Favorite Halloween Video Creations!

I’ve always loved Halloween for its magic and how it inspires me to be creative. It was an excuse to dress up in fun and imaginative costumes that people would actually see (as opposed to just my parents who I gave daily fashion shows of my latest creations), and a time to imagine myself in a world where witches and monsters and ghosts roamed the land waiting to be discovered by my inquisitive detective work. Basically for a kid with a highly overactive imagination, it was heaven.

And even though I’ve grown up, Halloween has never quite lost the magic for me. Instead, it’s become my favorite time to make videos on my YouTube channel. An excuse to make cool costumes even if I don’t have a party at which to show them off. An excuse to be super silly and feel like a kid again. An excuse to just plain old try new things (which sometimes can be hard to do when you’re making consistent videos on YouTube and feel like you have a “formula.”)

So to celebrate the season, I thought I’d put together a little list of my favorite Halloween videos to get you into the Halloween spirit!

Halloween Imagination

This one is an oldie but a goodie! This was the first video on my channel where I actually decided to wear costumes rather than just talking about or showing still pictures of them. Here I pulled together all the costumes I’d worn over the last several years and still had hanging around in my closet: a Unicorn, Luna Lovegood, 50’s Poodle Skirt Girl, a Painter, and a Lion Tamer/Circus Ringleader. It was also Sir Finnegan’s first Halloween and though I didn’t try to put any costumes on him, he did help me out as the lion to my lion tamer costume!


Howl-O-Scream 2016

I’ve been making Howl-O-Scream videos since 2014 when I first started as a Thrill Chaser exclusive blogger with Busch Gardens. There are 4 on my channel for each year, but I think the one from 2016 is my favorite because I was able to go the media event (which always has its perks) and I had a Scare-Cam on during my first tour through that year’s new haunted house, Circo Sinistro. I just think my faces are hilarious in this one and it’s great to actually get to take you along with my in the house! (Plus dolls are just SO CREEPY!)


Why Do Women’s Halloween Costumes Have to Be Sexy?

If you’re in more of a mood for a rant about Halloween, then this one’s perfect for you! In the fall of 2012, I was SUPER frustrated with trying to find a Halloween costume that didn’t have “SEXY” added to the name (e.g. Sexy Indian, Sexy Police Officer, Sexy Snow White, Sexy Pizza, etc) and a skirt that was about 6 inches shorter than it really needed to be. I mean, can’t we have costumes where their main purpose isn’t about how much boobage or thigh you can show? It’s one thing to look sexy in your costume, but it’s another if your ONLY costume option is “Generic Sexy Whatever.”


My Cat Tries On Halloween Costumes


What could be better than seeing Finnegan all dressed up as a shark and a pirate and a dragon?! Nothing! Nothing could be better. In this video, I finally took the plunge and bought some halloween costumes for Finn, despite him not really being a “clothes” cat. When I’ve tried putting a harness on him because I have this intense (but probably misguided) desire to make him an adventure cat, he’s just flopped on his side and refused to move. The costumes actually went a little better than expected, but he’s still not particularly enthused at being contained by a silly costume! However, this video is filled with some of the best kitty cuteness that I’ve ever released on my channel, in my opinion!


Halloween Lookbook

Finally, I have to give a shout out to my latest video where I created a fashion-forward lookbook from some of my favorite Halloween characters. This video is intended to give you some style inspiration if you want to celebrate Halloween but can’t wear a costume to work or school, but after I’d filmed it, I realized that most of these looks could easily be turned into costumes as well with an appropriate wig and makeup! So I’m killing two birds with one stone in this video for you!


I hope you’ll take some time watch some of my favorite Halloween videos so you can get into the spooky season spirit! 👻🎃🕷

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