August 2021 Journal Prompts

We’ve made it to August and that means new journal prompts!

August is a weird month to me where you’re half in the hazy oppressive heat of late summer and half in the bright-eyed optimism of a new school year. Even though I’ve been out of school for 9 (NINE!?!?) years now, there’s still a level of magic that “back-to-school” aesthetics bring me. It’s a good time to clean out your closet, try a new hairstyle, or adopt a creative habit (ahem…journaling, perhaps?)

So August’s journaling prompts reflect that mixed bag of summer nostalgia and autumn eagerness.

Some things of note: Alternating writing, doodle, and photo prompts are still here. I found in July I was actually writing on the “doodle” days as well because the prompt was triggering a memory or left me wanting to leave context for what I drew. So I tried to channel that when picking doodle prompts for August.

You also might be asking, “What’s a moodboard, Kaitlyn?” I saw a “moodboard” prompt in my scouring of prompt lists and I thought it was the perfect addition for this collage loving gal.


An arrangement of images, materials, pieces of text, etc. intended to evoke or project a particular style or concept.

Oxford Languages

I’m kind of imagining this prompt like a vision board for August filled with text, colors, doodles, patterns that define “August” (either in general, or your specific expectations for this August). Make something that gets you excited for what’s to come!

Finally, you’ll notice some “FREE WRITE” days this month which I’m most excited about. (You all know I love to keep giving myself challenges!) I had been noticing this book on my shelf more recently.

One of my favorite types of journal prompts (especially if I’m feeling particularly stuck in writing or life) are list prompts. I’ve always been a lover of lists. I feel lost and disorganized if I don’t start my day/week/month with a list of things to do. And sometimes listing out basic concepts or big ideas is all I need to get over a creative block. I received “List Your Self: Listmaking As The Way To Self-Discovering” by Ilene Segalove and Paul Bob Velick as gift several years ago, and though I’ve flipped through it a few times, I’ve never made the concentrated effort to complete any prompts. Thus I’ve now scheduled it in to my normal writing/journaling routine for the month!

So this is your sign to pick up that guided journal/coloring book/mindfulness workbook/devotional/etc that you’ve had stashed away “for a free moment” and actually use it on these days!

Finally, I start a new journal in August so I thought I’d show off its pretty cover before it is overstuffed and chaotic from some quality journaling.

Remember if you’re following my 2021 prompts to share what you’re writing/creating with me over on Instagram, and check out my creations on my stories!

Happy journaling my friends!

  1. Write: Your August goal(s)
  2. Doodle: August moodboard
  3. Choose your own creative adventure! (aka FREE WRITE)
  4. Write: DIYs you’d like to try
  5. Doodle: What you’d wear to a picnic…
  7. Photo: Childhood memory
  8. Write: If you were a book…
  9. Doodle: Your zodiac sign
  11. Write: Lyrics from a song you’ve been listening to
  12. Doodle: A favorite recipe from memory
  14. Photo: A moment to remember
  15. Write: Write about today from the perspective of your shoes.
  16. Doodle: The ABCs of you
  18. Write: Observations about your childhood
  19. Doodle: If you owned a bakery…
  21. Photo: In the kitchen
  22. Write: Things you’re still learning/working on
  23. Doodle: Your favorite Pokémon
  25. Write: A poem about school
  26. Doodle: Back to school supplies
  28. Photo: Self-portrait
  29. Write: A dream you’ve had
  30. Doodle: August favorites

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    1. I know!!! The sad part is I didn’t realize my mistake until I went to start creating September prompts. 🤦‍♀️ Fortunately the 31st would be a “Free Write” day anyway so I’m telling myself it was just my brain helping out. 😅

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