September 2021 Journal Prompts

Well we’re really into the back half of 2021 now, aren’t we?

This is both a frustrating development for me (there are so many things I haven’t done yet!), and a good place for reflection (look at what I *have* accomplished and stayed consistent with all year!) Daily journaling has been one of the bright spots for me for sure.

Looking to September’s prompts I’m sticking to the same organization that I started in August with 4 different types of prompts alternating throughout the week. Saturday photo challenge days. Writing and doodle prompts. Two “free write” days a week which as you saw in last month’s post I’ve been using to complete some of the prompts from “List Your Self: Listmaking As The Way To Self-Discovery” by Ilene Segalove and Paul Bob Velick.

I’ve greatly enjoyed picking a number between 1 and 285, flipping to that page and surprising myself with a prompt. So far I’ve completed prompts like these:

  • List all the things you can do with your eyes closed.
  • List all the people you’ve hurt that you’d like to unhurt.
  • List all the idiotic things you’ve done for money.
  • List all the things you hide when your friends visit.
  • List all the things you just don’t want to think about.
  • List the situations that always make you cry

And my personal favorite because of how it was chosen (i.e. I asked my dad to pick a number and OF COURSE it ended up being this one:)

  • List what you like to do after sex.

Since September is the official start of fall I’ve also focused the doodle prompts on fall-themed things. I feel like I don’t always start enjoying the change of the season until it’s too late so I’m hoping to encourage myself to look up, get out, and revel in the beauty of autumn this September!

Remember if you’re following my 2021 prompts to share what you’re writing/creating with me over on Instagram, and check out my creations on my stories!

Happy journaling my friends!

  1. Write: Your September goal(s)
  2. Doodle: September moodboard
  4. Photo: Last vestige of summer
  5. Write: Describe your “perfect day.”
  6. Doodle: Fall to-do’s
  8. Write: What are your 3 favorite books, and why?
  9. Doodle: Mushrooms
  11. Photo: Black & White
  12. Write: Change one thing about your past, what would your life look like now?
  13. Doodle: Create a fall wreath
  15. Write: What skills would you like to learn?
  16. Doodle: Fall colors
  18. Photo: Window
  19. Write:  Observations about fall
  20. Doodle: Apples
  22. Write: Recount the last conversation you had with a stranger.
  23. Doodle: What represents “cozy” to you?
  25. Photo: Low Angle
  26. Write: Describe a color without using the name.
  27. Doodle: An autumn fairy
  29. Write: Are there funny stories that have been passed down in your family? Write one of them.
  30. Doodle: September favorites

P.S. You get extra unicorn 🦄 points if you noticed that I only had 30 days in my August prompts. How did I miss this? It’s been a LONG summer, y’all. 🤦‍♀️

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